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For booking, please contact us via email at or

Brad Stanfill 808-430-1278

Sam Bradley 808-747-1273

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Record Reviews:

Review in the Big Island Weekly

Ironwoods’ self titled debut album is a hearty collection of enchanting, progressive indie rock sound, thick with harmonic texture and vivid lyrical prose. Unlike any other band local to the Big Island scene, they play with the strings of time, often breaking the four/four box with unconventional metric signatures, providing a highly distinctive quality to their music, while still remaining enticingly danceable. Generous reverb and a washed out wall of sound lets these musicians pull inspiration from and experiment with a multitude of rock genres, seamlessly blending them all together for a rich sonic experience. Their musical mastery is displayed through the album’s crown jewel, “Crystal Math,” an instrumental epic which which takes the listener on a journey from their signature, dreamy sound into the realms of moody thrash rock and complex psychedelic jam, peppered with a funky guitar riff or two. Another album highlight is “Tides,” the most melodically dynamic track on the album, and one very befitting to a band thriving in the heart of the Pacific. Ironwoods projects a musical soundscape that is highly unique to our isolated corner of the world, thus offering up a much needed element of variety to the local scene. In their short time together, this band has already become a revered name to the Hilo side Big Island community, and it is untold where their budding potential will carry them as they continue to grow.  -Lisa Desinger


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